Proper Nutrition for Pet Wellness

Proper Nutrition for Pet Wellness

We all want to keep our pets healthy, and that starts with feeding them a nutritious diet. The foods they need depend on the type of pets you have. If you live in Newport Beach, Fountain Valley, or the surrounding area, contact the veterinarians at Costa Mesa Animal Hospital and discuss what is the best diet to keep your furry friends happy and healthy.

Veterinarian Approved Dietary Choices

At Costa Mesa Animal Hospital, we recommend Royal Canine and Hills Pet Nutrition products as a part of a healthy diet for pets. Dogs thrive on any food that contains a significant amount of protein. Protein helps their cells grow and even repairs damaged muscles. Animal-based proteins are also an important part of a cats' diet. Your feline friends need Taurine which is found in protein. It gives your cat a healthier heart and better vision.

Both dogs and cats need dietary fats, which helps keep their energy levels high. Omega 3s and other fatty acids keep their organs functional, helps them absorb vitamins, provides insulation, and can even help create certain hormones. Your pets can also maintain a healthy energy level thanks to carbohydrates, including fermentable fiber. Your pets get this fiber from vegetables, wheat, and rice. However, any foods with high fiber content are not safe for puppies or kittens. When it comes to your dog's diet, carbohydrates also help dogs digest their foods and go to the bathroom regularly.

Puppies and kittens are always better off when fruits and vegetables are a part of their diet. You aren't as likely to need pet dental services if you give them these foods as a snack or treat. Fruits that are safe for puppies and kittens to eat include bananas, apples, and melons. Consult with one of our veterinarians for a complete list of the fruits and vegetables that are good for your pets, as well as those you should avoid.

Contact Costa Mesa Animal Hospital

Pet nutrition should always be taken seriously. If you need advice on the best diet for your pet, be sure to speak with a veterinarian at Costa Mesa Animal Hospital. Our veterinary services include nutritional advice and pet dental procedures. We have helped pet owners in Fountain Valley, Newport Beach, and the surrounding communities for years. Call us today at 949-548-3794.